Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Have you tried getting things for free?

A video I found today inspired me to this brief article:

As many businesses are on a tight budget when it comes to marketing: is it a good idea to try finding design services for free or very low budgets?

Even though it might seem compelling to get someone to create your website for $300 or a promotional video for $250, here is why you should reconsider:

There might be pitfalls to your low cost investment, that only reveal themselves later.

Before going out to find the low budget designer, who certainly can be found, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will I get the quality I want?
  • Is my business' mission and the success of my marketing plan not worth a serious and reasonable investment?

If you try to spend too little, you might end up wasting your investment altogether. A friend of mine had her website designed on a very small budget. After one year, when the designer had disappeared and was nowhere to be found, she realized, she did not have access to her own domain name. She also had not received a copy of the original files. When the website disappeared altogether and advertisement showed up on 'her' domain name, it turned out, that the designer had registered the domain in his own name and had later sold it to a SEO company in a foreign country. This company used it as a link farm to enhance other website google rankings. Not to mention that taking legal action in a foreign country is difficult, it would also have cost more than four times the amount she had originally sepnt the site's creation.

And last but not least,  you also do not want to be one of those clients like the one in the video you are about to watch. Or do you? Take a look:

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